∞ Chapters From The Möbius ∞

Cleansing The Temple

It’s Been Lovely… But I Have To Scream Now

Jimmy Killjoy Comic

Long long ago, there was a great bear, who was known to his Mother as Boo,
He had a great heart, twice the size of the moon, and so loved the world that he knew,
This bear, you see, was special in ways familiar to God and his crew.

'Til one day the bear saw a terrible thing, the end of all life was at hand,
Cognitive dissonance, proscribed forgiveness, all conscious awareness now banned,
Rewriting history as tales of some victory, are bittersweet thoughts in the end.

Witches with stitches, like backstabbing bitches, this story you won't want to hear,
Grandstanding liars are felons for hire, with their guns they have nothing to fear,
Forked-tongue excuses, ceaseless abuses, the message is perfectly clear.

Self-righteous bigots on pulpits their spigots espousing these doctrines of hate,
Sisters and brothers, if I had my druthers, I'd damn each of you to your fate,
You can hang from a gibbet for all that you've done, to me and my only soulmate.

May these verses of rhythm and rhyme, in time, enlighten my fair-weather friends,
Quiet reminders that plunder asunder foundations that richly subtend,
The Earth as you know her has had quite enough of the villainous nature of man.

160228-release-point-map-mn-1545_5b9336adcd0d4ff152c7da057de63b17.nbcnews-ux-600-700 Published April 29, 2016
Belgium Issues Iodine Pills

It’s Only A Matter Of Time Now
Until All Humans Receive
Their Just Desserts
Published on June 21, 2015
How Much Radioactive Waste Is Too Much?

Ignorance Is Bliss…
Until You Get The Bill.
Published on April 2, 2015
“We Have No Idea What To Do” — Fukushima Top Official
Published on February 14, 2015
Restarts for 2 More Japan Reactors
Published on February 28, 2014
More Radioactive Leaks Expected
Published on October 1, 2014
Fukushima Contamination & The USS Ronald Reagan
Published on September 10, 2014
Fukushima & The End of Humanity — Michio Kaku
Hanford Hazmat Published on June 22, 2013
According to the Department of Energy, nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state may be leaking into the soil, causing a potentially bigger environmental disaster than previously thought.
Published on February 28, 2013
Hanford — America’s Fukushima
Welcome to the Most Toxic Place in America Published on January 7, 2019
Welcome to the Most Toxic Place in America
Worse Than Hiroshima
Published on June 21, 2013
Visit http://www.democracynow.org to watch the entire independent, global news hour. This is a summary of news headlines from the United States and around the world as reported by Democracy Now! on Friday, June 21, 2013. Visit our website to read the complete transcript, search the vast news archive, or to make a donation to support our non-profit news program.
Published on June 3, 2013
Citizen Koch was pulled from the PBS playlist because the Koch Brothers contributed over 20 million dollars to the network. There was also an Alex Gibney doc on Park Avenue that was axed by the network that looked critically at the top 1% of NYC. Has the push to cut government funding of PBS made them dependent on wealthy donors that can influence their programming? Tabetha Wallace and Tyrel Ventura look at the story on this Buzzsaw clip.
Published on Mar 25, 2015
Corporate Whore — Dr. Patrick Moore

A+ Unique Fixed Point In Spacetime — Attendees Have Been Judged: Worthy

Madison Wisconsin Protests
Manitowoc Wisconsin
American Law Enforcement 101 Comic
Published on November 28, 2014
Fracking 101 — The Dirty Truth
Published on April 23, 2016
River On Fire
Queensland Australia
Published on January 24, 2010
Hydraulic fracturing was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
Published on January 24, 2010
Fracking FAQs
Flint Michigan
CNN Report

Republicans Are Felons In Queue
Water On Mars Comic
Water On Mars Comic
Published on November 23, 2014
Black Friday
Published on February 6, 2014
Human… Nature
Published on December 21, 2012
Published on April 3, 2014