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Gigatons Of CO2

Environmental Fiascos

Ignorance Is Bliss… Until You Get The Bill

Forest Destruction
Morty Knows

On Rick’s Tab

Published on April 18, 2014
How to Save Earth From… Us

Published on December 17, 2014
The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Published on February 12, 2014
New TEPCO Report Shows Damage to Unit 3 Fuel Pool MUCH Worse Than That at Unit 4

Published on February 13, 2014
Fukushima Plant Groundwater:
22,000 Bq/L of Cesium 134
54,000 Bq/L of Cesium 137
10 Million Bq/L Strontium-90
More than five times the total beta radiation reading of 900,000 becquerels per litre recorded in the well, which is around 25 metres from the ocean, and 1,000 % more than Tepco has claimed for last 6 months

Fukushima Ground Water Contamination

Published on August 22, 2013
Fukushima leak is ‘much worse than we were led to believe’.

Published on August 18, 2013
Threatening to trigger a new—and possibly more devastating—nuclear disaster than the original or ongoing one at the Fukishima plant in Japan, a risky plan to remove fuel rods from a damaged reactor building could unleash an "unprecedented" level of radiation, according to experts, if things go wrong.

Published on June 5, 2013
Nuclear Monstrosity: Monju Nuclear Power Plant

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident & Crisis Management

Lessons Learned from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident for USA

Published on June 24, 2015
It Appears Fukushima Is Causing Americans To Get Cancer

Published on November 25, 2012
BBC Horizon reveals the untold story of the 87-day battle to kill the Deepwater Horizon oil blowout a mile beneath the waves - a crisis that became America's worst environmental disaster. Engineers and oil men at the heart of the operation talk for the first time about the colossal engineering challenges they faced and how they had to improvise under extreme pressure. They tell of how they used household junk, discarded steel boxes and giant underwater cutting shears to stop the oil. It's an operation that one insider likens to the rescue of Apollo 13.

Published on June 7, 2013
25 Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disasters Of History

Devastating Toxic Events Are The New Normal

The Watchers

Published on May 20, 2015
105,000 gallons of crude oil have spilled from a ruptured pipeline on the Santa Barbara California coast.

Fuck You, Texas.

Oil Fire

April 20, 2010
BP — Five Years Later

Smokey Capital

The Fossil-Fuel Industry’s Campaign
To Mislead The American People.

Petroleum = Death
Nuclear = Extinction

What A Dump Blunt Card Humanity’s Own Carelessness
Did Damn Themselves Again
Into A Self-Created Hell
On Earth.

Do Not Pity The Humans
For They Knew
What They Were Doing
All Along.