Ѻ Chapters From The Polytope Ѻ

Science Is…

Begone Blurry Booty

Happiness & Cyanide Comic

Mobile Technology

C-SPAN Version Does Not Show Drone Crash
But NTM Version Does — Note The Censor$hip


3D Printers

Paper Airplane Machine Gun

MakerBots The Next Industrial Revolution


U3 Thumb Drives & Trusted Flash Storage

U3 Thumb Drives Trusted Flash microSD Card Back Quid Pro Quo

Trojans’ Little Horses


3310 — Circa 2000


Aye Watch — Circa 2014

Hey Bro, You Got The Time?
Apple Computer Snowman Ornament (back) Circa 1991
Apple Computer Snowman Ornament (front) Circa 1991

It’s A Tad Gay


Android Watch — Circa 2014

Android Samsung Gear Watch Android LG G Watch Android Moto 360 Android Watch


Palm OS Watch — Circa 2005

\ ABACUS Palm OS Watch ABACUS Palm OS Watch
  • If at first you don’t succeed…


Palm OS Watch — Circa 2002

FOSSIL Palm OS Watch
  • The original Watch PDA. With a built-in stylus!
  • That was an interesting project. But did you know…
  • Palm’s partnership with Symbol Technologies resulted in hand-held bar-code scanners such as the SPT 1800 Mobile Computer.
  • That’s right bitches, I’m old. As a Time Lord should be.


Pilot — Circa 1996

Palm Pilot Comic In The Old Days Comic
  • Welcome To The Catacombs


MOdeminos! — Circa 1997.11

The Internet Has New Things

Pie Comic by John McNamee

The Internet Has New Things The Internet Has New Things

Vertical Move

Salary & Equity Compensation

Manage Your Tech Career by Wealthfront

  • 5 Uncomfortable Truths About Living In San Francisco
  • You Should All Exercise Your Amygdalae More Often
  • And Explore The World… While You Still Can

Multidimensional Move

Be A Blessing To Somebody

You Are Only One Person In The World.
But To One Person, You Are The World.

I’d like to thank the entire entertainment industry for watching over my huzbear and I, and for helping to make the world a nicer place in which to live. Your Easter Eggs have been delicious fun; like tiny chocolate Ghosts in the Machine. Peace, Love and Understanding to All Creatures Great and Small.

You Are Unique
Like Everyone Else
I Am The Portal
Who Mirrors You