∞ Chapters From The Möbius ∞

Alternative Energies

History Presages A Bitter Destiny

Death By Petroleum Industry • Extinction By Nuclear Waste

Janicki Poo Processing Center
A Think+ly Different Power-PC
The Bloom Box
A New Kind Of Fuel Cell

Parsing Fact From Fiction

Investigation & Opinion
Muammer Yildiz
A Purely Magnet Motor

Patent Documentation


Magnetic Suspension

Bucking The Establishment

Starting Production

Discover Unlimited Power!
Nitinol Stirling Engines — Circa 1970

Countless Unworkable Devices Preceded
Sustainable Energy Conversion Efficiency

The Weight Of Any Problem That You Hold Matters Not
What Matters… Is The Time Spent Holding That Weight

Off-Balance Wheels & Pendulums

Flippy Bits

Pushy Bits

Pully Bits

Springy Bits
Gravity Powered Generator
RAR Energia Ltda.
Mechanical Principles

The Museum of Unworkable Devices
The Buttered Toast Cat Engine The BTC Engine
The TTOC Engine