∞ Chapters From The Möbius ∞

The Death Of Civilization

You Have Been Judged: Unworthy



Mass Shooting in Orlando Florida

Mass Shooting
Orlando Florida

Mass Murder Attempt
Los Angeles

You Are
Ugly Little
Hate Machines

Congratulations Congress & The National Rifle Association
Your Members Are All Accessories To Murder
The Evidence Is Overwhelming

Lather, Kill, Reload, Repeat
Troglodyte Homunculi

A Flaw In The Design

The Internet’s Founders Saw Its Promise But Didn’t Foresee Users Attacking One Another

ARPANET Representation Internet Worm
Nothing Comic


Tay Tweet Fucking Hate

This Is Why
You Cannot Have
Nice Things

Tay Tweet Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

Mary Death Comic A.I.


It’s Showtime!

Donald Trump Calls For Guns To Be Allowed In Bars

In The Wake Of The Orlando Mass Shooting Terror Attack
GOP Presumptive Nominee Trump Calls For Americans
Under The Influence Of Alcohol To Be Armed And Ready.

What An Excellent Idea, Bubba.
Let’s See How Well That Works
At Your Remaining Hate Rallies.

Assassination Attempts:
June 20, 2016
March 12, 2016

The Don's Latest Concubine

Making America
Hate Again


No Absolution
Shall You Receive
Because You Practice
To Deceive

Concubine One Was Too Hot
Concubine Two Was Too Cold
Concubine Three Can Plagiarize Freely
Good Role Models They Simply Are Not

Voters For Trump

Trumped Up Paradise


Liars And Thieves Ubiquitous,
Who Watches The Watchers,
When None Can Be Trusted?

Existence Is Futile Comic

Thought Retroviruses:
What Has Been Thought
Cannot Be Unthought

Republican Prez Dispensers September

Social Experiment

Republican Prez Dispensers December
Your Future Thanks To Republicans

“And the other thing is with the ___________.
You have to take out their families.

When you get these terrorists,
You have to take out their families.

They, they care about their lives, don’t kid yourself.
But they say they don’t care about their lives.
You have to take out their families.

Donald Trump

Keep This In Mind
My Fair-Weather Friends:

No Matter How Hard You Try,
Here Now, In The End,
It Doesn’t Even Matter.

Thank You For Choosing Your Destiny

private boolean unworthy = true;
while ( unworthy )
  Damn.with( this )
    .placeholder( weapon )
    .using( evidence )
    .load( bigot )
    .into( hell )

Without Exception Only Reflection Can Affect Your Future

Terminator Auschwitz